Northwest Jig Company's On-Line Store now features a series of "Jig Collections" that reflect various regional & river specific jig requirements. We can still custom make any pattern you have used in the past, but these jig offerings have proven to be the best sellers and most effective for the waters specified. Here is the "Lineup" of collections featured in the store with some new offerings that are innovative and more versatile than a straight-forward marabou jig line.

NW Coast Collection: "Sea Run Special" marabou steelhead jigs with lots of bold and bright color combinations for those "chromers" straight out of the salt headed up shorter coastal rivers found in the Northwest.
E. Washington/Idaho Collection: "Sea Run Special" marabou steelhead jigs with emphasis on those "darker" trout patterns that work best on the east side of steelhead country.
Salmon "Twitching" Jig Collection: Think "FLASH" when you look at these coho salmon patterns that work so well around that timber where the silvers love to hang out. We have added sections for Salmon Hootchie, Salmon Marabeau & Salmon Zonker Twitching Jigs
Rabbit Zonker Collection: For those who love to fish "Zonkers" . Here are the bunny fur patterns you've been asking for to make your tackle box complete.
Salmon Trolling Flies: An alternative trolling lure incorporating UV and Glow with realistic bait characteristics. Rig this on a 30-40 lb. leader for Coho and Chinook trolling setups.

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